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-The Healthy Organization line

-The Healthy Organization
Be the CEO of Your Health!
A Must Attend Presentation for All

Did you know that 62% of people over the age of 50 die from heart attacks, strokes, or colon cancer?
Did you know most CEO’s are in the highest risk categories?

Health and Wellness for CEO’s is just one of the topics that Dr. Larry Ohlhauser presents in a humourous and memorable fashion, speaking on how to take accountability for your health.
After his own health came into question, he realized that CEO’s everywhere could benefit from his knowledge.

Not a CEO? As an International Speaker, Dr. Ohlhauser will customize his presentation to address the needs of any group.

Dr. Ohlhauser can speak on the following topics with ease:.

What Leadership should look like!

  • How to help executives develop action plans for work-life balance
  • How to make sense of your personal finances
  • How adopting a health and wellness philosophy can increase profitability and build strength within a company
  • Factors of your financial wellness – Understanding net worth and debt management
  • Does travel of a partner cause problems in your relationship? Understand how CATS can make a difference

"Larry’s presentation is extremely engaging, professional and valuable to every person in attendance… A talk you will find a great investment of your life!!" – Gregory Bird, President & General Manager, Time Business Machines Ltd.

The Healthy Organization
--The Healthy CEO Presentation

  • The Nine Factors people need to measure and maintain for good health
  • How to assess health knowledge, measure results, and use motivational tools to reveal areas of improvement and assess successes
  • Looking and feeling younger in Four Simple Steps
  • Instances in which dietary supplements are required and why
  • What a normal sleep pattern is and a method to identify whether you are achieving this
  • Nobody understands me when I speak: Three Simple Steps to get results
  • Lowering your blood pressure without drugs is as easy as counting to ten
  • Dental secrets that will reduce your chance of a heart attack or stroke and certain cancers
  • What fat kills you? Learn about the good, bad, and ugly fats
  • How to utilize his new program The Healthy CEO to pursue physical, relational, and financial wellness.

Dr. Ohlhauser can speak on the latest trends in health care practices, as well as give you an action plan to better your physical, relational, and financial wellness.

You’ll walk away feeling inspired and hopeful with a new perspective on the human body, the human mind, and what you can achieve with the Healthy CEO program.

To book Dr. Larry Ohlhauser, M.D contact: Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta© 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com

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