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award-winning book, Out of the Mouth of Babesby Dyan Eybergen
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Dyan Eybergen will take you on an incredible journey toward believing in yourself. Come take the leap of faith and discover your creativity within. “There is a universe full of possibilities—a plethora of dreams—just waiting to be asked to help you make your desires come true."
All people possess the ability to be creative. It’s hard to believe but it is buried deeply within us. It’s hidden beneath the bills, housework, car pools, work deadlines, and day-to-day commitments. It’s all a matter of recognizing it and accessing it. Everything we do requires us to make creative choices—the way we dress, decorate our homes, conduct ourselves in meetings, choose books to read, admire artwork and listen to music.

Dyan’s keynote and/or her workshop, A Guided Journey to Higher Creativity, puts people in touch and at ease with the power of their own creative forces and encourages audiences and participants to creatively express themselves in the hectic lives that they are already leading.

The Journey” follows six principles that guide and help each of us emancipate and blossom into our unique creative selves:

  1. Simplicity—where we put thoughts of lack behind us. By clearing out the clutter in our lives we begin to see how fortunate we are to possess what we already have. The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become. Simplicity gives way to…
  2. Gratitude—as we start to do a mental inventory of how blessed we are, we affirm the positive in our lives. Gratitude brings with it a sense of…
  3. Worth—where we believe that we are deserving of having a good life; one that is rich in creativity. Feeling worthy enlightens us to beauty in...
  4. Imagery—where we no longer take our everyday environment for granted. We begin to see beauty all around us and it inspires our creative juices. Imagery lends itself to…
  5. Clarity—where we begin to understand that life and art are inextricably intertwined, that our creativity brings us fulfillment and when we are fulfilled, we live more prosperous lives. Finally clarity introduces us to...
  6. Visualization—where we carve out our dreams and explore ways of achieving them. Each of these creative principles will be processed through a variety of self- directed activities provided in Dyan’s presentation.

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