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Growth and Greatness

Marty Park
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So many of us drag our way through work each week. We are people with unending talent, ideas and energy ... but only a portion of it is applied to our jobs and companies. So how do we move to a place where we maximize our impact on our work? How do we truly reap all the benefits of outstanding performance? Marty has the answers.
The Evolution To Greatness is a series of proven strategies to bring your business, your organization, your employees’ personal performance to the next level.
Aspire To Greatness
Many people come up with great ideas and never act on them. We all have friends who dream big, yet fail to take action when the time comes. Then there are those who feel content to stay where they are, never aspiring to be more.
You, your employees and your organization need to aspire to greatness. Coupling big dreams with great efforts creates success. When you aspire to greatness, you rise above mediocrity and “good enough” to create something you are proud of, feel passionate about and then - and this is crucial - your customers come to expect it and reward you for it over and over again.
Make It Personal
Any organization is only as good as the individuals within. Doesn’t it stand to reason that if you make it personal, then you begin to improve the people within the organization? Improve the people and the organization improves The most complete way to grow your business is from the inside out. Improve the people inside and you improve the service they deliver, you improve sales, you improve management and, best of all, you improve attrition rates, absentee days and morale as a result. Get personal.
Change The Experience
What does “Change The Experience” mean and how does it affect your organization? Think about the last time you had an experience with a business. It may have been this morning as you purchased a cup of coffee on your way to work. Was the transaction memorable? How? Would you tell others about the experience? Or did the experience fall short of meeting your expectations?
What is the experience your organization gives your customers? What we as consumers tell others is based on the experience we have with a business. Think about the last time you referred someone to a business. Now think of how often you tell others to stay away. What is the experience your customers get? This is a key strategy to growing your business - change the experience.
The Evolution To Greatness is a series of strategies that no business should be without - if they are serious about moving to the next level.

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