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-"Going Wild" line

Brian Keating Photo

Going Wild

A spirit lifting journey
into some of the planets best wilderness locations.
A presentation

by Brian Keating
Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©

Brian Keating has been traveling the wilds of the world for over a quarter of a century, exploring some 50 countries on all 7 continents. His passion for remote travel will be revealed as only Brian can do, with his buoyant method of story telling. Punctuated throughout with humour and personal anecdotes, he’ll illustrate his presentation with his own live-narrated video segments.

He promises a journey to deserts near and far, into gin-clear ocean depths with unbelievable creatures, to mountain summits and rich tropical forests, and to places where wildlife numbers leave one overwhelmed with satisfaction. And finally, he’ll return to our own Canadian backyard of tundra and mountain, reconfirming the value of our collective understanding of the importance of wild spaces.

His presentation is designed to inspire and enthuse, offering hope for a better tomorrow.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 ( toll-free) info@speakersalberta.com



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