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by Jim Hole
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Do water droplets magnify sunlight and burn plants? Will adding rocks to the base of a pot improve water drainage? Garden myths, passed down through the ages, can often lead you astray. Jim Hole, in his entertaining keynote or workshop, Garden Myths, will separate fact from fiction as he debunks myths that have plagued gardeners for years.

In Jim’s easy-going and fluid style, he will simplify it all for you. He’s one of Alberta’s most knowledgeable horticulturalists and the most eloquent. There are a lot of common gardening myths out there. In his presentation, Jim will debunk common ones.

Join Jim. Avoid harming your garden and save yourself time and money. In his unforgettable presentation, Jim will separate truth from myths and provide audience members with practical gardening advice. Mixing facts and humour, Jim will expose three types of prevalent myths of gardening today.

1 Below-Ground Myths. Go underground with Jim. Soil is wonderful stuff because it is so resilient and complex. Jim will demystify the confusing business of fertilizer types and varieties for proper root formation. He’ll answer common questions like: “Will adding sand to soil loosen it up? Are organic fertilizers better than chemical fertilizers? What about pine needles, drainage for plants?”

2 Above-Ground Myths. What’s’ happening on the main floor? “Do carrots really love tomatoes?” Learn how to organize your garden to maximize production and minimize damage from nefarious bugs. “Should you compost poisonous plants? Can water droplets magnify sunlight and burn plants?” Jim will leave you with several practical, easy-to-remember tips.

3 Elixir Myths “What’s the magic about mouthwash, beer, ammonia, detergent, and vinegar on your plants?” The truth is that it’s a mixed bag: Some GOOD, Some BAD, Some UGLY. Participants will have fun with this myth, and so will Jim.

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