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“New Essentials of Yard Horticulture”
Jim Hole Photo
by Jim Hole
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spacespaceJim Hole answers thousands of diverse questions as a radio talk show host. His regular programs are among the most popular aired. Increasingly, callers ask about environmentally friendly ways to care for plants and soils. Jim provides trustworthy, expert advice in easy-to-understand language.

Gardening is changing. It used to be an occupation (to feed the family) but has evolved into a lifestyle. Yards have become an extension of our homes and our value systems.
In his presentation, Fusion Gardening, Jim will show you how to become a “fusion gardener”—how to cultivate and enjoy your garden, lawns, shrubs and trees in a more eco-friendly way. His presentation will blend practical advice with relevant humour.

Water. What are the advantages of rain barrels? How do you use them? How much water do lawns need? What’s a “rain garden,” and how can it reduce runoff from driveways and sidewalks?

Soil. “Soil is like the foundation of a house. If it isn’t solid, everything you build upon it will fail.” What’s the best topsoil to use to prepare a garden? What about clay? What about potting soil? What are the best money-saving tips?

Plants: Whether you’re growing vegetables, flowers, shrubs or trees, you’ll want to hear Jim’s advice. Each category of plant calls for different methods, and if you want to fill your house with plants grown from the outside, you’ll also want to learn about the new best practices. What about arranging plants for maximum aesthetics? Do you have drought-prone areas around your house? What do you plant there?

“Individually, the actions we take in our gardens may seem insignificant, but collectively we can change the world.” Jim’s enthusiasm and expert knowledge of plants, soils and the proper use of water will empower and inspire audience members. Fusion Gardening is upon us now, and it is the way of the future. Jim’s presentation is a goldmine of practical information for the homeowner. In his entertaining way, Jim will stir audience members to do more with less.

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