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Principles of Feminine Leadership
A keynote address and/or workshop

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Debra Debow believes that: "Every woman has the inner willingness to awaken to her personal leadership and strengthen it. She supports and inspires both consciously and unconsciously, through her clear actions, potent vision, and her loving communication."

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, career woman, a mother, a grand-mother, a volunteer board or committee member or simply a member of your community, The Principles of Feminine Leadership is for you.

Do you want to enhance your daily living, empower yourself, your family and others?

Awaken your inner leader. Let Debra take you on a journey through this dynamic multi-media presentation. Let her enhance your life and coax you forward. It is imperative!

Debra's presentation(s) cannot cover the waterfront unless it includes both a keynote address followed by a full workshop. It's an open invitation to explore several important optional Keys to Feminine Leadership. The choices are yours:

  • Embodied Presence. Bringing all of one's self to the moment
  • Self-Authority. You have the right and authority to take action based on your needs, ideas, desires, dreams, and more
  • Integrity.  Be consistent with your actions, behaviors, and communication
    Intuition. Utilizing your instinctual knowing and deep wisdom
  • Leadership with Love. Balancing leadership with compassion and generating a nurturing environment
  • Clear Communication. Being willing and having the skill-set needed to speak lovingly about your needs, desires, boundaries, goals and your vision
  • Uniqueness. Being willing to radiate your individuality
  • Confidence. Develop a trust-filled relationship with yourself, your skill set, and your wisdom 
  • Birth. Allowing the process of birth to organize, renew and move through you
  • Commitment.  Be willing to commit to your vision and goals. Allow you to be realistic with timelines, implementation and follow through
  • Accepting Self. Self-acceptance is embracing your beauty and your shortcomings
  • Balanced and Nurturing Self Care. Giving you permission to take care of yourself on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  • Purify and Release (Death). Be willing to let go. Change can be empowering. Having the ability to recognize when it's time to release what no longer serves you, your creation, your goals and/or your work. 

The Learning Outcomes of the Principles of Feminine Leadership include:

  1. How to take action based on The Keys to Feminine Leadership
  2. How to operate more comfortably in the feminine way of knowing and acting
  3. How to apply the key principles to current situations
  4. How to know, access and expand what leadership qualities you have
  5. How to let go of operating within a limiting leadership style, and
  6. How to align yourself with principles to give you confidence in your leadership.
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