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John Gilchrist
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Feasting, Hedonism, and Aphrodisiacs
Eating our Way to Civilization
A keynote Address

Why do we eat turkey at Christmas? Where was the first beer billboard? Why are oysters “stimulating” in some cultures and used as sexual depressants in others? What is the perfect bread recipe to snare your true love?

John Gilchrist, Alberta’s foremost food writer, explores the depths of indulgence in a lively and humorous talk on the history of food and its influences on the world. From ancient Sumeria to contemporary California, Gilchrist sifts through the crumbs to fine the unique, the unusual, and the intriguing stories behind what we eat. He uses humour effectively to make his points.

Mr. John Gilchrist is a renowned and celebrated “Bon Vivant”, author and food critic. He broadcasts regular food columns for CBC Radio One, both locally and nationally, writes a weekly column for the Calgary Herald, contributes to numerous magazines, teaches Food and Culture programs at the University of Calgary, and has written several Best-Sellers on dining in Southern Alberta. John is also an outspoken expert in matters of food production, preparation and consumption and the hospitality industry. He holds strong positive opinions on the future of agriculture in Alberta and Canada also.

John is well-known nationally as “THE CONNAISSEUR” of fine foods and wines.

Surprise, surprise! John is also the former Head of the School of Arts Management at the Banff Centre and proponent of the proper application of management principles in his work and the purposes and operations of organizations.

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