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Dr. Randy Ritz
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Dr. Randy Ritz

This dynamic highly interactive workshop will positively transform all the participants. It will enable them to become effective leaders and influencers in whatever they want to accomplish. This workshop is natural to follow Expand Your influence, a powerful keynote address, by the same brilliant presenter, Dr. Randy Ritz.It is also an excellent stand-alone workshop and it’s relevant to persons of all ages and ranks within an organization.

Dr. Ritz will deliver practical lessons on how to influence others by harnessing and effectively recounting relevant stories to rally others toward a common purpose.
Randy will share his “Triple A Secrets” on how to entertain, intrigue, educate, and persuade others.

This workshop is expertly designed to help participants unlock the secrets to superior communication by walking through a number of non-intimidating exercises that push personal boundaries. These simple yet profound exercises have been used by actors for centuries to create compelling performances and when adapted for business, they transform workers of all ranks into compelling communicators. The workshop delivers “lots of fun” and a truly educational experience for all. It engenders a positive work environment by encouraging participants to be more collaborative and fostering a spirit of community within the group.

Participants will acquire the several new skills and abilities:

  • Suddenly, you will influence others’ thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, aspirations and actions. Wow!
  • You will become leader and be seen as a leader in your organization
  • You will find your own voice by reflecting on past victories and sharing those insights with others
  • You will learn to take personal mistakes and turn them into motivational lessons for others You will push personal communication boundaries through innovative exercises to grow and improve
  • You will discover how to help your audience and colleagues recall 65% of what you said
  • You will learn to make any story interesting, become a more captivating speaker, and above all a person of influence.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com

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