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Dr. Randy Ritz
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Dr. Randy Ritz

Influence”. It’s probably one of the most underestimated characteristic of leadership.  Above all, leaders are influencers - people who engage others toward a common purpose. What’s the secret?”

The secret lies in the art of story-telling. It’s the single most common denominator that distinguishes leaders from followers. Dr. Ritz’ humourous keynote presentation will stand as a testimony that “the power of a relevant well-told story can do wonders to motivate others and to call them to action”.

Using his masterful talent of story-telling, Dr. Randy Ritz will inspire your audience members into harnessing their own stories to positively influence workplace outcomes. He will relate how stories bring joy, understanding and unity to the workplace.

In his brilliant keynote, Dr. Ritz provides participants with unique insight into an age-old ability, one that has captivated leaders world-wide throughout the ages - the ability to recognize moments of significance. And how to transform these moments into effective and meaningful narratives.
The key to recounting a personal story lies in telling it in such a way to allow participants to discover its “aha” moment.

This presentation is suited to anyone that is serious about their leadership journey. Dr. Ritz will demonstrate how to positively influence others by:

  • Developing a story file of personal anecdotes that have a significant corporate message
  • Taking personal mistakes and turning them into motivational lessons for others
  • Discovering how to help your workers and workplace colleagues recall 65% of what you’ve said
  • Making any story interesting, becoming a captivating speaker, an engaging group leader and a person of profound influence.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com

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