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Dan Comiskey
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Dan Comiskey, as a leader and as a Member of a Grey Cup winning team learned many lessons that can be applied to the workplace and at home.

EVERYTHING MATTERS is a creative, humourous and inspirational keynote address. Dan Comiskey poignantly draws you into his world of sports and helps each of us become accountable to ourselves and our workmates.

Dan asks us: "Do you have a vision? What steps are taking now to achieve it?" "Are you holding yourself personally accountable to realize your dream, advance your team?"

Dan will explain the transformative "butterfly effect", how small initial differences lead to large unforeseen consequences over time. How? Incremental improvements become habit forming. In fact, they become part of character-building.
We have choice in life. We can choose to succeed or to fail. The choice is ours. All we need to succeed is within our grasp.

There are only four essential elements to success:
1) Having a vision,
2) Engaging ourselves through healthy self-talk,
3) Accepting our mistakes - not repeating them, and
3) Keeping a courageous positive attitude.

The adoption of the principles of the "Butterfly Effect:" leads to personal and professional integrity and gives an understanding of how our actions affect not only the people in our lives, but the whole world. It also directs us be authentic and to conduct ourselves in a manner that leads to our own fulfillment and the success of our team. This applies to EVERYTHING and it MATTERS It pertains to the lot of what we do and choose to do: from safety in the workplace, to leadership in the office, and to success or failure for each of us.

EVERYTHING MATTERS will motivate audience members to strive for more and reach their potential through the proven practical application of the "butterfly effect".

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