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Dr. Sinclair MacRae
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Sound ethics is the foundation of professionalism and a key component of success - any kind of success, personal or work-related. In this entertaining keynote or in his fun and interactive workshop, Dr. Sinc MacRae will make ethics come alive. He will cause professionals to explore the nature and value of applied ethics as it relates to everyday practices. In his humourous way, he will develop a useful framework for thinking through and resolving common ethical issues and questions.

Starting with your professional Code of Ethics, take this opportunity to challenge and sharpen your ethical problem-solving skills in a practical and straightforward manner. Gain greater insight into the principles underlying your profession and the reason it deserves the public trust.

Sinc’s presentations are an excellent fit for a wide range of professional associations and general business audiences. If you need a speaker for your conference or convention or someone to design and deliver a compelling professional development seminar or workshop, Sinc will shape and customize his presentation to meet your specific interests, needs and issues.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Gain a deeper understanding of what ethics is; what it requires of us in our professional life and why it matters deeply to/for our success
  • Identify and apply the features that distinguish ethics from the law and ethical compliance from legal compliance
  • Learn the basic elements of a framework for ethical decision-making
  • Build your own ethical values statement
  • Elevate your awareness of the fundamental ethical principles and values underlying your particular profession’s Code of Ethics
  • Appreciate the connections between ethics, trust, emotional intelligence, accountability, transparency, respect, integrity, and autonomy
  • Improve your ability to raise ethical issues and raise ethical consciousness in your workplace and professional relationships.

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