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Encouragement for the Encouragers!
“How To Build Trust With People You Don’t Understand,
Don’t Connect With, But Still Have to Work With.”

Valerie Cade

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Valerie Cade’s inspirational keynote will help professionals want to ‘work through anything with anyone’! “Wouldn’t it be great to know how to handle others ‘who don’t get it” and to be able to lead them to a win-win understanding with ease?”

Valerie’s powerful keynote address strikes all chords. Her presentation helps replace defensiveness with understanding through humor. She cites relevant examples and creates the ability for participants at all levels to be able to approach others with ease. You ‘ll be able to narrow the inter‐personal gaps between co‐workers and figure out ‘why do they do what they do’ and create a respectful workplace for all.

  • You will be inspired through humor and specific insights that will give people an open mind to hear you;
  • You will be able to identify your “most difficult situation” at work and be able to have a “here’s what I can do about it” plan;
  • You will find that while it is often natural to take things personally, it is not productive. But how do you take things professionally? Valerie will show you how!
  • You will be given the top three difficult situations with a “how to” plan in order to go back to work empowered!

AND!!! Here’s a great option: You can have a video presentation put to music with your participants as the stars! This session is customized using photos of your participants and organization showing their meaningful work through their own eyes.

Examples are available upon request for your review.

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