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Dr. June Donaldson  Photo

Dr. June Donaldson (MBA, EdD, Mediator and Arbitrator)
Member, Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©

Dr. June Donaldson is a recognized international expert in emotional intelligence. “The power and application of emotional intelligence in the workplace is that it helps leaders and staff manage unrelenting change; lead with courage and vision;, fully participate in productive teams; provide empathic client sales and service and effectively negotiate and manage conflict – all core competencies for most business people.”

Dr. Donaldson’s keynotes, workshops and learning events have taken her throughout North America, the Asia Pacific and the Caribbean. June has business acumen and academic credentials - particularly in the area of emotional intelligence. Her motivating and encouraging style, and her mediation, arbitration and conflict management background enables her to bring “common sense perspectives and solutions” to her clients and their issues.

June’s learning sessions are highly flexible. They can be tailored to be a keynote, half day, full day, or standard two-day program. She will customize a session that meets your meeting theme, timelines, culture, budget and learning needs.

Dr. Donaldson’s Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace topics are:

1. Emotional SMARTS®, Redefining Personal and Professional Competence

This foundational emotional intelligence learning program highlights the four cornerstones and sixteen supporting characteristics of the Emotional SMARTS® model, process and concept. The full two-day program (which has become a foundational learning offering in major organizations) changes lives. Whatever the length of the session, it is a learning platform that positions people to be grounded, centered and focused so they achieve the best results possible for their time, money, energy, resources and talent. Consistent feedback from attendees reveals that this program should be a mandatory learning platform for all employees – from the front line to the Executive floor.

2. Emotional Intelligence and Managing the Human Side of Change

This offering helps attendees understand that organizations, departments, client relationships, friendships and even family units MUST go through continual change to remain productive, prosperous, progressive and pleasant environments. Participants gain insight into how their very human reactions to change are interpreted and how these interpretations affect them both personally and professionally. With these new insights, attendees are better able to demonstrate their emotional intelligence and apply it to their behaviours, statements, attitudes and expectations, and thus affect desired team and organizational changes.

3. Emotional Intelligence and Team Building

Business challenges demand new levels of team effectiveness. Cohesion of a team takes place when a team purpose and shared vision develops, when people understand the need for collaboration, when commitment to team values are demonstrated and where effort is made to align individual talents with team and organizational needs. Emotional Intelligence is the key to understanding the dynamics of team building. Team members need to know the strengths and weaknesses of their behavioural style, the influence of thinking styles and gender differences and the power of demographics that exists within their group. Learn how the application of emotional intelligence can capitalize on the diversity of team members and “make a team tick.”

4. Emotional Intelligence and Maximizing Sales Results

It’s said that life is one long sales call! And ... it doesn’t matter whether you’re “selling” a product, a service or an idea; the steps to gaining endorsement from others are the same. The cost of doing business dictates that business professionals, at all levels, build long term, growth oriented, value added and mutually beneficial client relationships. It takes one party to lead the way. Learn how to demonstrate and apply emotional intelligence to professionally and consistently evolve relationships to where clients are willing to take action because they like you, trust you and believe you to be capable of helping them grow their business, solve their problems or address their client needs. In the final analysis, sales professionals are pro-active problem solvers and this sales process helps you prove that to your clients.

5. Emotional Intelligence and Negotiating and Managing Conflict

Given the inherent pressures and constant change faced by businesses today, interpersonal conflict is inevitable. As workplace expectations and interpersonal demands increase, many people are challenged on how to identify, assess, address and resiliently recover from conflict. As a result, when faced with high tension events, conflict is often masked, minimized or misrepresented.

Over time, if left unattended, conflict takes on a life of its own. Relationships are made more toxic by continued inappropriate actions, reactions, statements and expectations often on both sides of the relationship.

Being emotionally smart is a core competency in self-managing through conflict as these situations can be highly stressful, anxiety ridden and worrisome. This learning offering presents a proven conflict management process that all people can proactively apply to influence the intensity, path and outcomes of conflict

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