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-Don’t Nag ‘Em; Don’t Drag ‘Em line

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Sheila Newel
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Don’t Nag ‘Em; Don’t Drag ‘Em
A Presentation or workshop on Becoming a Better Front Line Leader

The most common and most stress-laden mistake front line supervisors, managers, and leaders make is believing they are responsible for making their employees work harder, faster, or better. Supervision, management, and team leadership are hard enough without taking on responsibilities that belong to someone else.

In this keynote, seminar presentation or workshop, Sheila talks and works with your group to place the responsibility for producing quality results back where it belongs – squarely on your employees’ shoulders.
You will learn how much more respect you are showing for your staff when you expect and require them to do the work they were hired to perform and how much more respect you will receive in return when you learn how to step aside and let them do it.

Sheila’s presentation or workshop is not about abdication; it’s about accountability and empowerment – real empowerment, as opposed to lip service. It’s about learning how to help your employees take pride in doing their very best. It’s also about understanding the difference between ability to do the job and willingness to do the job

What you will be able to apply:

  • How to discover strengths and limitations – yours and your employees,
  • How to sidestep the most common snares & hazards,
  • How to achieve a greater understanding that will result in increased loyalty, and enhanced staff productivity, and
  • How to experience the joy of leading and supervising.

“You can have a better team or … when absolutely necessary … a different team.
You can become a better leader!

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) info@speakersalberta.com

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