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-Developing Courage line

Deal with Issues and Fear at Work…and Life!
Break Through to a Blessed Life

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Alice Wheaton
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One of the biggest challenges is how to have a Courageous Heart and perform at our personal best when it counts… in spite of company meltdowns, bosses who refuse to see our potential, challenging co-workers, and/or problems in our personal life. Too many of us attempt to solve the situation by ignoring the issues and hoping that time will take care of them. Sometimes a miracle happens and this strategy works; miracles are great but they are so unpredictable!

Fear, doubt, and insecurity keeps many of us from being willing to risk; it causes us to second-guess our next step and what it is that we have to offer.

Courage occurs at the point where fear and desire meet; passion is ignited and we become willing to move towards our dreams. Each of our six fears... everyone has them; we were all born this way... can be transformed into the courage to act in our own best interest, without compromising those around us.

In this session or keynote, we will discover and develop strategies to out-fox conditions that previously held us in the grip of analysis paralysis and worry. These fear busting techniques will inspire participants to live fully and courageously and have more of themselves to share with others.

Everything you want is on the other side of courage! If not now, when?

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