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Fighting Cybercrime
"The Bullet Doesn't Fit the Gun"

Kathy Macdonald
Kathy Macdonald Photo

Law enforcement is often reacting to cybercrime in much the same way as they react to traditional crime. IT'S NOT WORKING! Police Departments and law enforcement officers at all levels are overwhelmed, under-resourced. They feel alone and unsupported. Our banks, commercial enterprises and financial institutions are also at a loss. They are overwhelmed with cases – cases that are difficult to solve and take a long time.

Cybercrime is borderless. And the criminals are sometimes ruthless. Often they prey on the vulnerable, but it can affect each and every one of us. The lack of resources of the police make cybercrime a nearly impossible task to detect and prosecute. Why? Inadequate laws, jurisdictional issues, the originality of each case and continuously evolving technologies.

"The bullet no longer fits the gun". Kathy's humourous and poignant presentation talks about the importance of being proactive, being aware of online risks and being vigilant whenever accessing the online world. How do you prevent identity theft, fraud, the embarrassment of letting the public know about your personal life. It also addresses the social media issue of "How To Stay Private In A Very Public World."

Kathy MacDonald also addresses the growing issue about how to create operative personal profiles while maintaining and enjoying an active and professional and personal image on/through social media. Her presentation tackles the problems concerning what pictures of yourself that can post and which ones you cannot; how to capture good video and how to harmlessly promote yourself in/through social media. What can you safely say about yourself? What is imprudent? How do you effectively maintain a positive social media presence while maintaining your professional and personal status and keeping your private information "private"?

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