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Kathy Macdonald
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Cyberbullying – A Growing Problem

As Internet use increases, so have cybercrimes, cyber-conflict, cyber-risk and reports of cyberbullying. The global community has been facing an uphill battle when responding to cyberbullying, as these incidents are multi-faceted, often involving multiple people, websites, apps, computers and smart devices. Moreover, these incidents can be emotionally devastating when the harmful effects are repeated over a long period of time. As seen all too often in Canada and elsewhere repeated cyberbullying can even lead to depression and even suicide.

Kathy's moving presentation discusses cyberbullying from an awareness standpoint, explaining how to deny, deter, detect and delay opportunities for cyber-abuse and cyberbullying. It teaches adults, teachers, social workers, law enforcement officers, parents and youth the signs of when cyberbullying is taking place and what steps to take if someone is being targeted by cyberbullying. When do you intervene? How do you do it? Where do you find help? What steps can you take now to prevent it? The more you know about this growing problem, the better it can be prevented and the more you can do to help those that are affected by it.

What constitutes Cyberbullying? What are the legal implications in Canada for cyberbullying? What forms of cyberbullying are now considered illegal? What are the consequences for the bully and the person who is being cyberbullied?

Kathy Macdonald, an expert on the subject, will educate your audience members to learn to how recognize the tell-tale signs of cyberbullying. Learn how to detect it and how to prevent it from spreading.

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