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Create a Culture of Engagement
Leadership, Culture, Management

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Evan J. Weselake
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True engagement is when people regularly bring their full self. It happens when staff members look for ways to contribute because they have a deep desire for improvement. People make a reach and bring high levels of energy and focus to work, not just skills.

Being engaged is a choice but every person looks first for an environment in which they want to engage! Then the engagement levels will literally find their level. That level of engagement is a primary driver of culture, and as a leader you have a huge influence over the environment at work. There are levers you can use to shift the environment and then the larger culture. Some are dramatic, and others require consistency. This session will help you to move your culture.

Using stories of frontline staff, and management styles of interaction, Create a Culture of Engagement will explain the key components of an engaging environment. What people are secretly looking for, and what you can do to draw out that elusive magic ingredient, full engagement!

Evan can present this subject in both keynote and/or workshop form.

In this session Evan will introduce audience members to:

  • A three part litmus test for disengaged staff.
  • Where to start when you find disengagement.
  • Four specific ways to look at your workplace environment.
  • A two-minute strategy for building engagement.
  • A two-minute strategy for focusing on solutions.
  • Five things every staff member wants from their leader.
  • Simple methods to have more "fun" at work.
  • How to be more productive, without pushing the Go button all the time.

For more information and bookings: 1.866.420.3338 info@speakersalberta.com

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