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Crucial Conversations®

Murray Low
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Murray Low can deliver a dynamic keynote or workshop for your group on the touchy subject of Crucial Conversations. What’s a crucial conversation? It’s a conversation between two or more people, two or more organizations or two or more parts of an organization where the stakes are high, opinions vary and emotions may run high. Whether these people are your clients, your spouse, your direct-reports, your boss or your colleagues, engaging them in the proper way will lead to your personal and professional growth.

Most days consists of doing what needs to be done to get through the day. However key moments affect our direction, our plans, and our life-changing decisions, something we call crucial conversations. It’s people who learn how to master crucial conversations that succeed. You've observed top performers across your organization. They create an environment where people from different departments, with competing objectives, or of different cultures and backgrounds, can speak and be genuinely heard.  When people face crucial conversations, they often become defensive, argue, or even withdraw.  The best performers do no such thing. Instead of moving to silence or abuse - typical responses – they stay above the fray by consistently staying in dialogue, engendering understanding by making it safe for everyone to continue talking openly and effectively, no matter the topic. Not only do they keep teams functioning, they also hold themselves and others accountable resulting by creating broad alignment, maximizing synergy and ensuring commitment to the best ideas. Individuals and teams not only get the best results, they foster accountability and strengthen relationships in the process.

Murray’s presentation draws from the New York Times best-selling book, Crucial Conversations. Murray will teach you how to prepare for crucial conversations even when they come unexpectedly. He will provide you with enough background information to recognize when you’re in one and how to handle the situation for favorable outcomes for you and for your organization.

Murray’s presentation is “a must” for supervisors and for people wanting to develop and hone their leadership abilities. Learn how to work with individuals and teams from different backgrounds, departments and specialties to willingly discuss ideas in a way that leads to agreement and everyone buying into decisions.

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