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-Creating Positive Energy - Roots to Resiliencyline

An impactful, motivating and inspiring keynote

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Yvonne Thompson
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Energize, Engage and Empower your audience to become the very best they can be in every role they play throughout their lives. Through this entertaining and dynamic keynote, your delegates will learn how to Create Positive Energy in everything they do. Audience members will learn to focus on "Leading Self" and taking their own unique journey through life.
STOP being a victim and START being an intentional and deliberate leader of YOU! Build the most important Relationship you can ever have "THE ONE WITH YOURSELF". Delegates will explore the Tools of Intention and learn how putting them in practice them can change their lives forever!

Delegates will have the opportunity to understand, explore and exploit the Tools of Intention and the Power of Leading Self!

Here's what it's all about:

  • Becoming the Observer
  • Who is that Roommate anyway?
  • Acceptance and Detachment
  • Freedom from Fear
  • Seeking the Heartcentre – Your Personal Alignment
  • Non - Judgment
  • Relief, Balance, Alignment, Joy and Prosperity

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