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Nancy Christenson Photo

Nancy Christenson
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Nancy Christenson loved her experience as a camp-cook and cowgirl on the Douglas Lake Ranch, and this shines through clearly to audiences as she sweeps them up into a panorama of adventure and cowboy tradition.

Author, songwriter, and poet, Nancy’s real gift is storytelling, whatever the medium she chooses. Her transparency draws her audience in, and her songs and poems will elicit both laughter and tears. While she loves to simply entertain, she also likes to build deeper messages out of her experiences. Her stories have many applications and she will tailor her presentation to meet the needs of any group.

She draws her audience in to the comedy, tragedy, and whimsical moments of everyday ranch life. What is a day like in the life of a cow-camp cook? How did the mouse end up in the soup? How did she manage to make brownies containing diesel fuel instead of cooking oil? Why did the cowboys find maggots in their coffee one sleepy morning?

What’s it like to join the cowboys on their working day, roping calves beside the branding fire in the spring―or driving four thousand cows and calves all day horseback in late November, with the mercury sitting at -30ºC, when the wind stings cold on your leather chaps and the cowboys have icicles hanging from their moustaches. Yes, I Really Was a Cowgirl will take you there.

There’s something about Nancy’s presentation that soothes the city-worn soul and fosters a love and appreciation for the rural roots of our great nation. It was a tradition that, as she lived it, had scarcely changed in a hundred years; a lifestyle now fast disappearing; a rich heritage that this ex-cowgirl had the unspeakable privilege to breathe, touch, feel, experience and fully savour.
Nancy will melt your heart! She’s a great opener for a national or international conference; she’s a genuine taste of western Canada.

Audience Comments

“It was wonderful because Nancy spoke to my heart and spirit . . .”
“Peaceful ending for a conference. I wasn’t stressed out after the conference.”
“Very interesting and hopeful. Bring her back!”
“Thank you for an opportunity to feel. The stories were fabulous and poetry was creative and humorous. . . . The speaker allowed her vulnerability to shine and this allowed me to connect. It’s helped me, as an individual.”

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) info@speakersalberta.com

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