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Jim Hole Photo
by Jim Hole
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Jim Hole growing corn

spacespaceJim Hole is the quintessential example of putting into practice the principles of sustainability.

In his keynote or workshop presentation, Cool Green Living, Jim will teach us how everyone can contribute to responsible environmental stewardship and enjoy doing it. Jim will introduce us to “cool” new technologies that enhance our lives and environment.

Using examples from his business and from other places around the world, Jim will inform and entertain the audience about the inherent social and economic benefits of being environmentally sustainable.

Water is Cool. It is a precious resource. How do you capture it? How can it be cheaply harnessed? Rainwater was never meant to run into sewer systems and rivers. It is meant to be absorbed by the soil and to find its way to lakes and streams. Buildings and pavement have changed all that. It’s time to collect water from the roofs of our buildings and to use it in our landscapes. You’ll be surprised how easy it is.

Green Roofs on Doghouses and Sheds? Learn about the tremendous advances in green roof technology. Green roofs are simply roofs that plants grow upon. In certain cities in Germany, new buildings must have green roof spaces equivalent to 50% of the ground displaced by the building. Green Roofs have numerous aesthetic, environmental and organism habitat benefits. Why are doghouses excellent for green roofs? They’re just one of the cool new things in responsible architecture.

Vegetable Gardening. What is old is new again. Many lawns are being converted into vegetable gardens, and the reasons range from the desire to control what we eat to the novelty of participating in a trend. What’s new and exciting in vegetable gardening? Jim will let you in on the secrets and make it easy to be successful.

Lettuce Lady

Truck Farms. Rather than growing vegetables on a farm then transporting them to customers, how about growing vegetables in a truck bed? It’s exactly what creative entrepreneurs are doing in New York City. It’s simple stuff. Holes are drilled in the truck bed, potting soil is installed and seeds are sown in the soil. The result is a mobile, dynamic vegetable garden that can be driven around town.

Biochar. Biochar is an ancient technology whose time has come again. An Alberta Agriculture subject of study, biochar is the carbon skeleton that remains after wood or straw is burned under low temperature. Low temperatures insure that the carbon skeleton of the wood remains. The promising use of biochar can permanently aid carbon sequestration. What effect can it have on cooling our environment?

Microgreens. Microgreens are simply vegetables harvested at the seedling stage. Vegetables like cabbage, radish, and corn are harvested about three weeks after sowing. Hey! There are no bugs, no disease nor contamination. Learn that intense flavours and can be grown in your own home. You’ll be the talk of your block.

Green Walls. We tend to think horizontal when it comes to gardens, but we need to think up as well as out. Living walls can be used in offices or homes and can be used for food or ornamental crops. They can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. For retail businesses they are the future. This new way of gardening will revolutionize how to create inspired places to live and shop.

Biocontrols. Good bugs fight bad bugs in nature all of the time. Today, superstar predators are reared in labs to fight insect and disease pests that attack our crops. Learn about natural methods of ridding ourselves of predatory insects without using nefarious chemicals. Jim will show you how it’s done and how long-standing natural occurrences coupled with recent scientific advances can save time money and our environment.

Biodegradability. Biodegradable garden material is everywhere. How about pots made of corn, wheat, rice or coconut? Composts are easy to build and easy to use, and they deliver enormous advantages to even the apprentice gardener. Letting nature run its course brings us closer to sustainable living.

Most of all, through his presentation Cool Green Living, Jim delivers peace of mind. Environments that embrace nature are not only aesthetically pleasing, they offer a refuge to reflect, relax and reconnect. In fact, they inspire. Jim will present living examples of creative spaces and technological advances that generate therapeutic experiences and create new opportunities in horticulture and culinary delight.

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children." Jim will convincingly show audience members how to implement this Native American Proverb and help them realize the dream. We all have a role to play. Jim will help each of us find our place in his dynamic presentation Cool Green Living.

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