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Dan Ohler

Why Is Common-Sense So

Simple Success Strategies You Can’t Afford To Overlook

“Why is Common Sense So Uncommon” is a powerful stand-alone keynote presentation. Followed by a workshop on “Why the heck they do what they do?”, it can provide your group with additional practical navigation tools to apply Dan’s transformational wisdom.

Your professional and personal life – it’s full of choices. Some are conscious, made after careful research and consideration. Others are unconscious knee-jerk reactions.

It’s the latter that can cause negative, even devastating, results in your professional and personal relationships. You don’t want to be there – your team at work, and your loved ones at home don’t want you to be there

Dan Ohler can teach you common-sense strategies that will empower you to consciously make the right choices.

These strategies are about:

  • Trust: the foundation of any relationship. Dan will teach you how to build stronger relationships based on trust.
  • Attitude: the basis for quality results. In a team situation, your attitude is like the common cold: it’s contagious. Be a carrier, and make your attitude worth catching.
  • Appreciation: the daily habit that can eliminate fear, anger, discontent, discouragement and distress.
  • Recognition: the basic, but powerful, human need that must be given before it’s received.

Dan will teach you why different personality styles need to be recognized in different ways.

Consciously choose to apply these strategies, and you’ll:

  • Make more money
  • Be more productive and creative
  • Magnify your happiness and success
  • Increase your passion and abundance
  • Create balance and fulfillment

Above all, you’ll think, speak, feel, and act in a powerful, confident, and balanced way.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) info@speakersalberta.com

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