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-Mental Health, The Classroom and Schools line

"Schools are the Optimal Setting for Mental Health Promotion and
Behavioural Management."

Dylan Eyebergen Photo
by Dyan Eybergen
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Schools provide a unique and the best setting where the greatest number of children and youth can be accessed and supported through community efforts.

Current research demonstrates that mental well being is important to healthy social and emotional development of students. It enhances learning that leads to school achievement. It also supports social well being, self confidence and career success. Research shows that there is a significant correlation between mental health and student development.

Schools have a distinctive role in the promotion of positive mental health and the management of existing mental health issues such as ADHD and anxiety. Within the school context, educators and health professionals collaborate to establish protective factors that contribute to the social-emotional growth of children and youth and decrease specific risk factors and stigmas that impede psychosocial development.

Dyan Eyebergen, in her dynamic workshop Mental Health, The Classroom and Schools, will teach classroom teachers and school administrators to:

  1. Identify key components to establishing the infrastructure for mental health promotion

  2. Identify key processes that support the effectiveness of mental health promotion actions

  3. Implement key strategic actions for positive mental health promotion and management

  4. Recognize potential outcomes and measurements associated with the inclusion of positive mental health perspectives and practices within schools

  5. Make mental health a key priority within a school or a school system.

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