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When the Chickens Come Home to Roost
A common sense approach to personal and professional success

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Laurel Vespi
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Everyone has those "what was I thinking" moments in their lives. In part this comes from our tendency to sleep walk through life until we get a rude awakening. In truth, our situation in life is the sum total of the decisions that we have made and the decisions that we have failed to make. What’s more, our position in life is based on the action and inaction that we have done or failed to do.

When Chickens Come Home to Roost is a humorous and revealing keynote. It uncovers how we mess up our lives and enables audience members to stop doing it through the application of simple strategies. Laurel uses relevant anecdotes and stories to make the subject come alive. She also guides audience members toward an understanding of how bold choices can lead to purposeful living.

Audience members will leave this keynote presentation knowing:

  • The key to being more conscious and intentional
  • How to be more proactive and less reactive
  • What to do when you do mess things up.

When Chickens Come Home to Roost is the perfect keynote address for a wake-up call for the audience to engage in life and work in a more meaningful and successful way.

In the workshop format of When Chickens Come Home to Roost, participants will explore more deeply the impact of “Conscious Intention” and learn practical strategies that can be applied immediately.

For a full impact on your audience members, the Bureau recommends that the workshop follow Laurel’s keynote address.

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