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Become Change Resilient
"Batteries Included, Powerful tools to Energize and Engage Your Team in Crazy times"

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Linda Edgecombe
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"BOOST: Resilience, Energy and Engagement in today's organizations"

Linda will lead You and Your team through an educational, hands-on and humorous ride that will re-focus, how they see their departments, their life and work. Learn what it means to become Change Resilient! Change has never been this painless! And… have the best laugh you have had in a long time. Your team will be re-engaged and re-inspired and able to rise above the challenges of each day!

Increase Business Bottom lines and employee satisfaction. " It's the New Corporate Makeover"

Linda Edgecombe will reveal her research and data collected from dozens of agencies and organizations on how Chaos and "Busy" has become the new norm and wound us into the most unproductive and basically unhappy demographic in the past 30 years. Her No BS and very humorous approach, stacked up with relevant and easy solutions will get your organization and teams, back on track with a clear vision and with practical tools to take back their work day and their personal lives again.

  1. Change, what's really getting in the way of you moving forward? Change has never been
    this painless!
  2. Clutter, how we sabotage our success with terminal piles!  
  3. Fatigue, tools to re-energize and re-engage.
  4. Clarity, get down to what you really want, and become more accountable.
  5. Laughter, this may be the best laugh you have had in a long time.  

Become Change Resilient can be an Entertaining Keynote or an Interactive Workshop. These components are flexible depending on the outcomes and learning outcomes you want to emphasize.

More Information: Tel. 1.866.420.3338 toll free. email: info@speakersalberta.com

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