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Tom Higgans Photo

Championship Thinking

Mr. Tom Higgins
Head of Officiating of the Canadian Football League
Former Vice-President Operations and Head Coach
Calgary Stampeder Football Club

Member, Speakers Bureau of Alberta©

What attitude and mental state does it take to affirm and ensure success? This presentation, spiked with humour and personal anecdotes, will illustrate the art and science of “coming out on top” in work situations and in home life. This articulate speaker is deeply committed to practicing this winning philosophy in both his personal life and practicing entrepreneurial thinking in everything he does.

Championship Thinking will force participants to think about everything they do and how they do it. As a coach Tom learned that everything must be rightly evaluated: every game, every player (employee), every play, every

“To win, to succeed and to realize your dreams requires a dogged pursuit of results, discipline, hard-work, a passion, self-assuredness and a dream.”

Tom will relate personal stories and events and vividly bring them to life, examine them and demonstrate how we can all apply life’s lessons to become better at whatever we set our mind to do.

His message is practical. It applies to us all, whether it’s for business purposes, government employees or people in the non-profit sector.

Championship Thinking is about personal growth and leadership. It’s what distinguishes the ordinary from the extra-ordinary.

Above all, Tom is a man of integrity. Tom’s delivery will both inspire and motivate! He resides in Calgary.

Mr. Higgins is a proud member of the Speakers’ Bureau of Alberta©.

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