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A keynote address, one-day or half-day workshop

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Alice Wheaton
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This presentation may be delivered as a keynote or in a half or full-day workshop. A half-day workshop preceded by the keynote can be most effective.

Does your company employ technical experts that require years of education, research, and field experience? They paid a heavy investment to acquire this knowledge and you are paying them well. Your next goal is to increase your client base.

The challenge to achieving this goal is learning the business development and consulting skills necessary to influence those who need your company’s expertise. Acquiring these in-house business development skills will increase your group’s ability to promote your products and/or services to new and established clients, help you gain an “employer of choice” status, increase your sales and profitability, and move your firm onto new desired directions.

Acquiring trusted advisor and consulting skills and having a system, based on logic and reason, will influence the client to select your positive solutions. It’s paramount.

Since ongoing opportunities are often lost due to non-existing follow-up protocols, developing a system to help you maintain a high quality of service to existing clients becomes necessary.

During this session, participants will learn:
1. The five personal blocks to advanced questioning skills
2. The five stage system for a needs assessment inquiry, leading to more business
3. When, and how, to use a variety of questions… open, closed, content, rhetorical, provocative, etc.
4. How to transition from a Vendor, to a Consultant, and then to a Trusted Advisor
5. A system for ongoing client follow up
6. The three steps for gaining referrals

Questioning others is not a practice that comes easy for the majority of people and yet consultants and trusted advisors must ask quality questions, in a specific order, to succeed. There are five stages to inquiry and at the end of the fourth stage, your client will ask you to engage in business with them!

Challenge your group of experts to acquire advanced consulting, business development and communicating skills to secure the opportunities you want and need to succeed, increase your business and become more profitable.

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