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-Building Trust Relationships To Succeedline

“The Business Case for Trust.”
“How Building Healthy Trust Relationships Drives Organizational Growth and Success!”

Dr. Sinclair MacRae
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Dr. Sinclair MacRae

In his lively, inspiring, thought-provoking, practical, informative keynote presentation or workshop, Dr. Sinclair MacRae explains the essential role that trust plays in business success. Trust between colleagues, between employee and supervisors, between senior management and the rest of staff is elemental to profitability and organizational cohesion.
Truly, honesty is the best policy!

A culture of trust is crucial in meeting the vital challenges you and your organization face – no matter how small or large. Discover how the latest research supports this common sense: “a healthy trust is the critical element that drives employees’ taking on responsibility for their organization’s success”. The marvel of successful organizations is that they foster a healthy trust that enables them to maximize the untapped potential of their workforce. A growing and powerful body of evidence supports the case for business ethics

Sinc will challenge each participant to recognize and promote the fundamental constellation of values that distinguish successful employees and organizations, values that include trust, honesty, integrity, authenticity, competence, mutual respect, excellence, accountability, collegiality and cooperation, open communication, emotional intelligence, and sound ethics.

Sinc will explain the value and basis of trust and the elements of human nature that impact trust. How do you distinguish “trust” from “healthy trust”? In this practical presentation, Sinc delivers straightforward useful tools for assessing, engendering and increasing a healthy trust in yourself, your teams, and your organization.

The capacity to build and enjoy healthy and productive trust relationships with others is not something we are born with; fortunately, it is something we can carefully and consciously develop. Take this opportunity to challenge and develop your healthy trust-building skills in a practical and straightforward manner.

Who Should Attend?

This is a presentation that is useful for anyone who needs to trust others in their work but it is especially valuable for team leaders, managers, supervisors and senior executives.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Explain what trust is
  • Identify the three basic elements of trust (The 3C’s of Trust)
  • Deepen your appreciation of the value of healthy trust relations in your life and work
  • Apply the six basic guidelines for building healthy trust relationships with others
  • Learn what goes into a properly designed, developed, and implemented ethics program to help
  • advance an organization’s mission and improve the bottom line
  • Use basic tools for developing healthy trust relationships in your workplace.

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