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Bridging the Gap in Your Workplace
(Aka: Avoiding an Intergalactic Collision Course of the Generations)

Dan Ohler
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Dan Ohler is one of Alberta’s most sought-after presenters on matters relating to effective communication and human relations in the workplace.

Bridging the Gap in Your Workplace can be a Relational Leadership Keynote address and/or an interactive Workshop for organizations with multi-generational employees or volunteers. It is most effective when Dan’s workshop follows a keynote address on the topic.

Imagine your organization in the near future. Powerful, productive, synergistic. Focussed, respectful, and a “fun” place to work. What might that look like, sound like, feel like? Imagine that.

Is it possible for you? Yes it is.

In the workplace today, members of the team are of different ages, sexes, cultures, and even sexual preferences. They may be labelled as traditionalists, boomers, gen X’ers, millennials, and a variety of other names. Each person brings their own belief system, values, and thinking habits to your work space. This can be powerful!

However, communication may break-down due to the differences, and due to an unwillingness to accept them. It may seem like others are speaking a totally different language.

In Dan’s presentation, you’ll gain understanding that one way is not “right” or “wrong” – they are simply different ways of sorting and responding to information and people. You’ll hear stories and examples and create your own Relational Leadership best steps. In his workshop, you’ll get to practice “inter-generational-interaction”. You’ll be encouraged and supported to take a “coach approach” in your communication within your team.

What do you have to lose? Or, more importantly, what do you stand to gain? Lot’s!

In his own down-home humorous and engaging way, Dan will provide you with insider tips and practical means to overcome generational barriers and to work towards a harmonious and synergistic workplace. A workplace where team spirit prevails and a healthy respect for differences can Bridge the Gap. It all leads to engendering a new-found enthusiasm for the work at hand.

Dan Ohler will inspire your employees to embrace workplace diversity and capitalize on it to make workplaces more productive, effective and efficient.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) info@speakersalberta.com

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