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The Future is Green. Horticultural Expert Explains Why.
"The Future of Your Business is a Stake"

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Jim Hole is a very popular speaker. He is demand across Canada. The Bottom Line is Painted Green. Whether you're in the retail, in industry, in the service business, in agriculture or even in government, you must be mindful of the importance of the environment. The future of your business may depend on it. It's becoming a veritable measuring stick of accountability. Either your business leads or it bleeds when it comes to the environment – this is especially true for the younger generation and retaining your customers for life.
Jim is the son of Lois Hole, former Lieutenant Governor of Alberta and an author of many books pertaining to horticulture. Jim is positively uplifting. He mixes humour with hard facts about agriculture and horticulture to entertain his audiences everywhere. His adaptable presentation, Cool Green Living is his most well-liked. Above all, Jim is a successful businessman. This shines through his presentation. Citing living examples from his Enjoy Centre, he explains the future of business in North-America. He uses his Enjoy Centre as a shining example of how to develop and execute a strategic plan that is in keeping with people want. Jim has put his beautiful ideas into practice. Collecting and recycling water, vertical gardening, roof gardening, capitalizing on the 100-mile diet and harnessing wind and solar power to feed our body and nourish our souls with healthy plants are some of the pragmatic promises of a better tomorrow.  Jim resides in Edmonton and his speaking fee varies according to the season from between $3,500 and $5,000. The Bureau gets nothing but glowing remarks and accolades from clients about Jim and his presentations. For more information about Jim and his presentations consult: http://speakersalberta.com/_Hole.html

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