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Denise Miller offers a unique Aboriginal perspective. She teaches us to apply the principles of the medicine wheel and its four cardinal teaching directions: Body, Mind, Heart and Soul in everything we do in life.

"Whether you are just putting in time or aspiring to become great, your story drives you daily in everything that you do."

Through Denise Miller's presentation, Body, Mind, Heart and Soul she will help you and every audience member affirm the things that you believe are true and good. You will learn to identify the Trigger Traps that hold you back from more of what you want in life. Denise will reconnect you with your story, with what makes you tick, and re-ignite your passion for life.

Body, Mind, Heart and Soul, begins with the stories of the body-mind. Using her expertise in ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication) Denise will guide you to understand what your face is telling the world. It may surprise you! What's more, you will learn what other people are telling you through their body language. We all want to be seen and heard in real way. Words can be deceptive. Body-mind communication transcends words and reveals the richness of the inner meaning of ourselves and others.

Body, Mind, Heart and Soul will deepen your ability and capacity to connect and communicate effectively forever. Through heart and soul, we understand what drives us and we then become poised to take charge of our lives. Denise's presentation will quickly enable you to fully participate instead of sitting idly by as a spectator

Body, Mind, Heart and Soul is available to your group as either dynamic keynote address or as an edu-training and entertaining workshop.

Denise is a popular presenter. She gives valuable insight to teachers, caregivers, librarians and all those that want to become all that they can become. She is a leading authority in ARC (Affinity Reality Communication) and story-telling workshops. As a professional storyteller, she is naturally an inspirational speaker, a motivational facilitator, and a masterful counselor in Body-Mind Communication.

Denise proves that deeper connections with the people in your life bring vital communication and natural authenticity to all your relationships.

"Denise has an ability to connect with people in a practical way; her storytelling portrays unique ways of looking at life. I am very happy to have the opportunity to book her workshop for a third year in a row."
Program Facilitator, Employabilities
"We bring Denise back year after year. The inspiring storytelling, combined with practical ideas is always a winning combination."
Faculty of Health & Community Studies, Grant MacEwan University
"I have shared your perspective with others and we are making more of an effort to let kids be themselves and still find ways they can be successful. If you ever wondered if your stories carried an impact beyond your sessions, you can stop, you have made a difference."
Teacher, Calgary Teachers Convention
More Information: 1.866.420.3338 (toll-free in Canada) email: info@speakersalberta.com
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