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Sheila Newel
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Ever have a boss who told you what to do, how to do it, and then held your hand while you did it? Or one who told you how simple and easy it will be for you to do something that you know is both complex and hard? Or perhaps even a boss who practically runs from you when you come up with a new and better way of doing things?

“Don’t fix it, if it ain’t broke”, “why rock the boat”, and “we’ve never done it that way” are maxims for many people, but they can also be impediments to your progress.

In this presentation or workshop, Sheila provides you with practical steps on how to respectfully and subtly take back the reins when your boss is struggling.

You will learn about how to gain more respect for yourself and your boss by requiring him or her do a better job of leading you, managing your performance, and evaluating your results – all while retaining your self-respect.

Sheila’s presentation is not about revolution or mutiny; it’s about transformation and development – your transformation and development. It’s about taking pride in doing your job well, either with the help of or in spite of your boss.

It’s also about understanding what leads to disagreements between a manager and an employee and what to do about it.

Sheila will help you learn the “follower-ship” and leadership journey by:

  • Discovering strengths and limitations – yours and your boss’s,
  • Sidestepping the most common snares & hazards during performance reviews,
  • Providing you with a dynamic understanding of your workplace,
  • Increasing the recognition for your contributions, and Enhancing your productivity.

And, yes, you will even go home knowing when to walk away and when to run!

You can have a better boss … or when absolutely necessary … a different boss. You can even enjoy being a follower

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