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Dan Ohler Photo

Dan Ohler

Thinkin’ Outside The Barn:
Consciously Creating Balance, Happiness, And Success

“Think of a farmer, humming merrily through this business of life.”
This dynamic presentation can be presented in either keynote or workshop form. For maximum effect, the workshop can follow the keynote.

Suddenly, she slips into sloughs and potholes she didn’t see coming. Now, she feels like the tractor rather than the operator. Those wheels keep spinning but she’s not gaining any ground. She works harder and harder, straining to someday see a harvest to reward her efforts. She gets so lost in the busy-ness, she forgets about what’s really important to her.

This busy-ness, this wheel-spinning, this strain – how does it affect our teams? The harvests aren’t healthy. Discouragement, disagreements, lack of productivity, lack of accountability, confusing expectations– the results ain’t pretty.

STOP!! Life doesn’t have to be so difficult. Get back to the basics. “Think Outside The Barn”and use the “F” words.

These are not the “F” words you hear in the barn. The “F” words are pathways to a better life.

Focus & Face Fears: We’ve been indoctrinated to believe that success is about material goals. That mindset works to a point, but grinds us down if all that striving causes us to miss our “now” moments. Dan will challenge you to “Think Outside Your Barn” about your past, present, and future experiences, determine and focus on what you really want now, develop strategies to use fears as your ally.

Forge Forward: It’s hard work to guide our thoughts and actions so we stay on our own purposeful course. But if we don’t, we allow other people and the demands of the outside world to drag us into a state of “dis-ease”. Dan will challenge you to discover your own priorities and make the right choices for you, so you build powerful relationships and create a state of balance.

Fun: One of the best ways to tackle challenges and issues is to throw fun and laughter into the mix. The results: we feel better, we treat others better, and we live longer. Dan will challenge you to look at life from the bright side. No one’s eyesight was ever hurt by doing that.
These “F” words will help you consciously create your professional and personal life by design, rather than by default. Living “on purpose” creates passion, resiliency, energy, balance, and fun. Are you up to it?

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