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-Back Door to World-Class Retail Store line

"A primer on how to grow your business"
by Jim Hole
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Jim Hole grew up selling vegetables from the backdoor of his family's farmhouse in St. Albert, Alberta.

From that humble beginning, the Hole family farm grew into one of the largest greenhouse operations in Canada. Today, his is a one-of-a-kind Green retail complex – called the Enjoy Centre – it's like no other retail business in the world.

Jim will describe how his business began with the sale of a 'bucket of cucumbers' and how that simple transaction led to the Enjoy Centre megastore of today.

The Enjoy Centre is ultramodern facility that is unique not only in Canada but unique in the world! It includes: greenhouses, an organic food store, deli, restaurant, reception place for weddings, conferences and events, kitchenware store, bakery, culinary oil and vinegar store, wine store and even a spa!

Jim will share the many challenges that he experienced on his journey and reveal the enormous difficulties and extremely valuable life lessons that he learned during the evolution of Hole's Farms to the Enjoy Centre – a truly world leading facility.

Whether you're in the retail, in industry, in the service business, in agriculture or even in government, you must be mindful of the importance of environmental responsibility. The future of your organization or business may depend on it. It's becoming a veritable measuring stick of accountability. This is especially true for the younger generation and retaining your customers for life.

There are valuable lessons for business owners and managers everywhere.
Jim will present lessons learned:

  • How to successfully plan for succession
  • How to manage organizational change
  • How to cope with adversity
  • How to maintain and convert your clients into loyal customers
  • How to build your business by painting the bottom line green
  • How to adapt to the ever-changing needs and aspirations of clients
  • How to market and grow your enterprise in the modern world.

Jim will eloquently explain the difficulties and challenges of managing business today by referring to humourous anecdotes. His presentation will be as entertaining as it is educational.

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