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By Patricia Morgan
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Seven Secrets of Recognition
How to appreciate and keep valued staff or volunteers

A useful workshop to envigourate your organization

The number one reason people say they’re dissatisfied with their job is they feel unnoticed and unappreciated. Reciprocity and interdependence make for an inclusive, respectful and welcoming environment. Everyone benefits from experiencing being heard, seen and acknowledged. When you change, your relationships change. When you treat people with kindness, a listening ear and appreciation, they become more than you or maybe them ever imagined. Demonstrate the recognition you want to receive and notice the atmosphere become mutually supportive.

This session is for those who believe that emotional intelligence, making meaningful connection and affirming others results in a better environment for all.

Studies have affirmed that people remain longer in organizations when they view their co-workers as friends. Effective communication is the key to enhancing any relationship. Listen with a discerning ear. While more than 35 business studies indicate listening as a top skill less than 2% of us have had listening training. Let others know you have confidence in their abilities. Turn mistakes into opportunities to learn. Congratulate people for a job well done. With validation comes commitment and satisfaction. Increase your messages of encouragement and become a workplace cheerleader!

You and your group will:

  • Transform negative comments into positive phrasing. What you say makes a difference!
  • Understand how to give meaningful and supportive feedback.
  • Identify and recognize your and others’ strengths. Knowing and using strengthens is a key factor contributing to authentic happiness.
  • Take away a list of validating statements to boost morale
  • Learn to apply the time tested principles of attentive listening to enrich and enlighten your relationships and at work to increase productivity and teamwork. My ears are here for you.
  • Keep your valued people and keep them enthused

“I will be less self-critical and more optimistic.” Emerson Gingrich, M.D.

More Information: 1.866.420.3338 toll free info@speakersalberta.com

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