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Newest Speakers

Theoron Fleury Photo

Theoron Fleury

excellence in everything he does

Byron Smith Photo

Byron Smith

mountaineer, businessman, author

Wade Sorochan Photo

Wade Sorochan

a great MC and motivational speaker


Speakers in alphabetical order

John Amatt Photo

John Amatt

the world’s most inspiring adventurer

Lana Asuchak Photo

Lana Asuchak

fitness consultant ********

Tommy Banks Photo

Tommy Banks

Outstanding Popular Leader

Cheryl Bernard Photo

Cheryl Bernard


Brian Brennen Photo

Brian Brennan

writer and raconteur ******

Peter Brown Photo

Peter Brown

Master of Ceremonies *“par excellence

Kevin Burns Photo

Kevin Burns

"Safety Attitude" *********

Scott Burton

Scott Burton

Humour, Entertainment and Empowerment

Valerie Cade Photo

Valerie Cade

Delightfully…engaging *******

Lorne Calvert Photo

Lorne Calvert

faith and politics *********

Karen Carleton Photo

Karen Carleton

Work-related Learning Performance Expert

John Carstairs Photo

John Carstairs

life-long learner *********

Val Carter

Val Carter

Management and Time Management Expert

Michelle Cederberg photo

Michelle Cederberg

Personal Energy Expert ***

Nancy Christenson Photo

Nancy Christenson

Health, Humour and Hope

Dan Comiskey Photo

Dan Comiskey

Delivers a heart-felt keynote or workshop

Kristen Cumming Photo

Kristen Cumming

Articulate Expert *********

George Couros Photo

George Couros

Networked Educator and Leader*

Linda Crawford Photo

Linda Crawford

Motivated and Spirited ***

Debra Debow Photo

Debra Debow

"A Soul Detective" *****

Carole Quay Photo

Carole Anne

Master of Ceremonies
Maître de Cérémoniesr

Dr. Mark DeVolder Photo

Dr. Mark DeVolder

World Top expert on Change

Carrie Doll Photo

Carrie Doll

Professional Master of Ceremonies

June Donaldson Photo

Dr. June Donaldson

Emotional Intelligence Expert

David and Jamie Dyck  photo

David and Jamie

Workplace Safety

Linda Edgecombe Photo

Linda Edgecombe

Certified Professional Speaker

Larry Elford Photo

Larry Elford

White Collar Crime *******

Marshall Ennis  Photo

Marshall Ennis

Strong in Body
Stronger in Mind

Dyan Eybergen  Photo

Dyan Eybergen

a passionate and dynamic speaker

Kelly Falardeau photo self esteem

Kelly Falardeau

International motivational speaker

Theoron Fleury Photo

Theoron Fleury

excellence in everything he does

Dr. Ganz Ferrence Photo

Dr. Ganz Ferrence

Cyber-Bullying expert******

Dyan Eybergen  Photo

Viviane Forest

Decorated Paralympian Athlete

Maurice Fritze Photo

Maurice Fritze

Inspires people *********

Joan Marie Galat Photo

Joan Marie Galat

Astronomy and Publishing

Mike Garska photo

Michael Garska

Your teams will
never be the same

John Gilchrist Photo

John Gilchrist

Restaurant Critic ******

Gord Gillies Photo

Gord Gillies

***Master of ***Ceremonies

Peggy Gizen Photo

Peggy Gizen

***Personality*** Expert

Paula Goebel Photo

Paula Goebel

professional speaker corporate trainer

Charmaine Hammond Photo


expert in team

Les Hewitt Photo

Les Hewitt

The Power of Focus *****

Tom Higgins Photo

Tom Higgins

Championship Thinking ****

Jim Hole Photo

Jim Hole

*articulate* horticulturalist

Andrea Holwegner Photo

Andrea Holwegner

Nutritionist "Extraordinaire"

Bob Hooey Photo

Bob Hooey

inspirational, and motivational

Brian Keating Photo

Brian Keating

International Wilderness speaker

Fred Keating Photo

Fred Keating

Presentation skills and Workplace humour

Allan Kehler Photo

Allan Kehler

****Living**** not*Existing

Michael Kerr Photo

Michael Kerr

Humour in the Workplace

Lionel Laroche Photo

Lionel Laroche

expert in Cross-Cultural Training

Ken Larson Photo

Ken Larson

The Champion's Coach ******

Alvin Law Photo

Alvin Law

remarkable and dynamic Keynote Speaker

Norman Leach photo

Norman Leach

Inspirational Renaissance Man

Wayne Lee Photo

Wayne Lee

Entertaining and Empowering

Eddie Lemoine Photo

Eddie Lemoine

***Inspiration, Humour and Leadership

Murray Low Photo

Murray Low

a master certified trainer, consultant

Kathy Macdonald Photo

Kathy Macdonald

the Cybercrime **Expert**

Colin MacLean Photo

Colin MacLean

Distinguished TV and Radio broadcaster

James Makokis Photo

James Makokis

Articulate young ****man****

Dr. Patricia Makokis Photo

Patricia Makokis

Aboriginal Leader

Vik Maraj Photo

Vik Maraj

Internationally Acclaimed Leader***

Austin Mardon Photo

Austin Mardon

Mental Health **Expert***

Barbara May Photo

Barbara May

Almost anything can be achieved

Denise Miller Photo

Denise Miller

acclaimed storytelling artist

Dr. Sinclair MacRae photo

Dr. Sinclair MacRae

Professor of Business Ethics

Patricia Morgan Photo

Patricia Morgan

Leaves audiences inspired and enlivened

Ruben Nelson Photo

Ruben Nelson

Pioneer of serious futures research

Sheila Newel Photo

Sheila Newel

A Senior Human Resources Consultant

Garth Roberts Photo

Dan Ohler

inspirational and articulate

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser Photo

Dr. Larry Ohlhauser

A force to be reckoned with


Noreen Olson

Keynote Speaker, and Author

Marty Park Photo

Marty Park

articulate and often humourous

Dr. Joe Pavelka

Dr. Joe Pavelka

Speaker and Author in Recreation Management

David Papp Photo

David Papp

International IT Consultant

Georgette Reed

Georgette Reed

acclaimed inspirational speaker

Dr. Randy Ritz photo

Dr. Randy Ritz

Invigorating and Dramatic

Garth Roberts Photo

Garth Roberts

Self-Management ******

David Saxby Photo

David Saxby

Integrated Marketing ***

Beckie ScottBeckie Scott

Beckie Scott

Olympic Gold Medal Champion

Byron Smith Photo

Byron Smith

mountaineer, businessman, author

Gordon Smith photo

Gordon Smith

Overcoming Adversity ***

Murray Smith Photo

Murray Smith

Former Alberta MLA and Cabinet Minister

Wade Sorochan Photo

Wade Sorochan

a great master of ceremonies

Yvonne Thompson photo

Yvonne Thompson

Expert on Leadership *******

Patrick Tower Photo

Patrick Tower

Decorated Combat Veteran

Jody Urquhart Photo

Jody Urquhart

Humor, Leadership & Inspiration

Tina Varughese Photo

Tina Varughese

***Workplace Intercultural Expert

Bob Vaughan photo

Bob Vaughan

expert in Effective Communication

Laurel Vespi Photo

Laurel Vespi

inspires people *********

Michael Vlessides Photo

Michael Vlessides

Expert on business communication

Evan J. Weselake Photo

Evan Weselake

articulate speaker and facilitator

Alice Wheaton Photo

Alice Wheaton

passionate about helping sales teams

Bruno Wiskel Photo

Bruno Wiskel

***acclaimed*** speaker


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