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Humour & Master of Ceremonies

Humour is the best medium for just about any message. All of the presentations listed under this category contain a positive underlying message - a message that applies to Personal Growth, Management and/or Inspiration.

Alberta is blessed with several great presentors, some of the best in North-America. They deliver inpirational keynotes and they happen to be funny, very funny. The Speakers' Bureau of Alberta has several Alberta humourists who are prepared and willing to deliver very funny inspirational messages to your group or organization.

If you want straight humour, the Bureau can be there for you too!

Topics in this Presentation Type, Humor & Master of Ceremonies:

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Strong leadership is the key to attracting and retaining a healthy and productive team. Our speakers lead the way in guiding clients to become and train effective leaders!

Topics in this Presentation Type, Leadership:

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Management consists of the executive functions of creating, operating, controlling, marketing, planning and coordinating a business, enterprise or non-profit organization. Topics on this category include leadership, ethics and legal considerations, attracting and retaining employees, mentoring, motivating staff and profitabilty. For the benefit of non-profits, it also includes fundraising..

If you are looking for a presentation designed to help motivate employees or members of a group, you are encouraged to also look under the category "Inspiration".

Topics in this Presentation Type, Management:

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Personal Growth

Personal Growth consist of desire and actions to make ourselves and our world a better place. We want to be better people, realize our potential socially, intellectually, physically and spiritually. Our Personal Growth affects how we behave, our character, our community and those people and objects with whom we contact.

This category of speakers contains well spoken articulate experts on particlar aspects of personal growth relating to health, the environment, the humanities, education, the arts, sports and politics.

Topics in this Presentation Type, Personal Growth:

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Topics in this Presentation Type, Inspiration:

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Safety in the Workplace

Topics in this Presentation Type, Safety in the Workplace:


Topics in this Presentation Type, Sales:

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